Friday, October 17, 2008

Surface, Surface, Surface

Here I am.
I have been pretty busy over the course of ten months. I've lurked around a bit and dropped a few comments here and there, but haven't been inclined to put up any of my own posts. The summer was too short and not a particularly warm one. I didn't accomplish all the projects I had planned. The other half and I have both gone back to school in addition to our other duties. I've finally gotten the motorcycle I almost bought thirteen years ago in Norfolk and I love riding it, although the snow has been here for a few weeks and I won't be able to ride it again for seven or eight months. I caught up with an old Navy buddy last week who I have not seen in over ten years and it was good. I'm also keeping my hopes up for the Fourth of November that this country will not elect a socialist for President. We'll see when I have a chance to post again.