Friday, January 18, 2008

Who ya gonna call?

It's really strange what inspires me to put stuff up on this blog. The build team from the show Mythbusters is here in town doing research for a few Alaska based myths. I like the show but my wife has never seen it (we don't have cable) so she didn't understand my geeky excitedness at hearing about their presence in town. Apparently they'll be figuring out whether there is any truth to the myth that you should speed up when about to hit a moose (I doubt it, your car is gonna be totaled and you'll be hurting if not dead. That's why I drive a truck.) and also a myth or two about cabin fever related things. I heard that from a local TV station. It seems the team was surprised to find that they wouldn't be going out into the bush to find a specimen for their research. They found a moose downtown as is usual during the winter months here in Anchor-town. I hear it was this one again.

So yeah, it's 2008 now and much time has passed since I last updated this page. I've been lurking around the blogosphere though; perusing other people's handiwork and have occasionally left a comment or two behind. I've given a few stories away to be posted about by others but nothing I think they wouldn't have found anyway.
So a belated Happy New Year to all. I'll put something else up, eventually.