Monday, January 09, 2006


Well it's a new year (has been for nine days now) and this is my first post of 2006.
I'm on my way to Dutch Harbor, AK today. I haven't been there since July but I'm looking forward to going. It'll be good to get out of the office. I've been here behind a desk for the better part of two months with the last three weeks playing supervisor. But now the boss is back and I can go back to being a regular field tech again.
Dutch is a great place to go in the summer but can be a little nasty sometimes in the winter. If you ever go there be sure to go to the Grand Aleutian Hotel on Wednesday for their all you can eat seafood buffet. It's tops and you get everything from king crab to salmon served six ways from Sunday and every kind of seafood in between.
There's a lot of naval history in Dutch. We had quite a few soldiers and sailors stationed there during WWII. Ships, submarines and aircraft all made the place their home. It is one of the few places on U.S. soil that the Japanese bombed after Pearl Harbor. I think I may have linked here before but I hope you'll still visit and learn more about submarines in the Aleutians during WWII. More about the war in the Aleutians here.


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